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Community Facilities

This component provides user support at the Earth science beamlines at synchrotron and neutron facilities. At present, these include all of the high-pressure beamlines at NSLS and at ALS, as well as coordination with GSECARS at the APS. Other beamlines may fall under this heading as well. The current subprojects and lead scientists include:

A Standing Committee oversees the Community Facility Program. This committee will evaluate the effectiveness of the service delivered by the community facilities. The Committee will coordinate between facilities (such as between beamlines) so as to maximize the community’s effectiveness in using these facilities. This Committee will consider the community’s needs and recommend changes in the levels of support of all possible community facilities.

Infrastructure Development Projects

This component works with the COMPRES community to identify critical technological needs of the community. Our tools, including both beamlines used by Earth scientists and equipment used in our home laboratories, need to be continually developed to improve the science that they support. The current subprojects and lead scientists in this category include:


The COMPRES Central Office conducts education and outreach in collaboration with the Earth Science Educational Resource Center (ESERC), which is administered by the Mineral Physics Institute (MPI) at Stony Brook University. The COMPRES Image Library provides images for use in education and research.The COMPRES Educational Coordinator is currently involved in a collaborative project to develop mapping tools and curriculum materials for EarthScope based on the Jules Map Server .

Reimbursement Policy

Procedures for REimbursement by COMPRES of allowable expenses related to facilities or COMPRES work.